YK-11,1370003-76-1,431579-34-9,YK11 SARMS

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Technical features



YK11 can be taken at doses between 5 and 8 mg per day at an eight-week cycle

Cas No: 431579-34-9
MW: 338.25

Appearance: white powder


YK11 can be taken at doses between 5 and 8 mg per day at an eight-week cycle. However, you may be concerned about estrogen effects, including breast enlargements, but that's now out of the picture.
Because of its selective characteristic, it does what it does very well but only on the anabolic activity of the muscle cells for muscle growth without the adverse estrogen effects, which may cause you humiliation for sporting 'man boobs'.

Dosages and Suggestion:

Recommended maximum dose YK11 is require dosages of 2.0-5.0mg b.i.d. in males and 0.5mg-2mg b.i.d. in females to achieve optimal effects in humans for the noted indications.

Specifications: COA

AppearanceWithe to off-white  powderWhite powder
HNMRConforms to structureconforms
LCMSConforms to MWconforms
  Assay(HPLC)≧97.0%99.1 %
StorageStore in well-closed container, protected from light.
ConclusionComplies with enterprise standard

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