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Why Do You Rarely Discuss Steroids Like Halotestin and Oral Turinabol?

Basically, there are at least a thousand compounds which can work as anabolic steroids, but only a quite limited number of ways in which anabolic steroids work in the body. Of all these compounds, a few were chosen by pharmaceutical companies to be employed commercially for human or veterinary use. So far as I know, not a single one of the other compounds can provide any useful activity that the widely-used oral anabolic steroid do not, and many will have a worse side-effect profile than the commonly used choices. Others may be just as good, but still, offer no particular reason to use them.

Even among the pharmaceutical or veterinary steroids, there are many which have nothing wrong with them but just don’t offer any particular reason to prefer them. For example, clostebol (4-chlorotestosterone) is a perfectly decent anabolic steroid that’s effective and just as favorable for side-effect profile as anything else, but it offers no actual advantages over for example Masteron or Primobolan and is less available, and when available has been provided only in low concentration solutions such as 25 mg/mL. An interesting thing about it is that it’s fairly easily made from Synovex, with the product being essentially free of estradiol. So for the right person and the right situation, it could be a good choice. But that situation is so rare that ordinarily I’d never see a reason to mention it, and mention it now only as an example.

Among the orals, Halotestin FluoxymesteroneOral Turinabolmethyltestosterone, and methyltrienolone all certainly can work, but for general mass and/or strength cycles there’s never an actual need to substitute asny of them for DianabolAnadrolAnavar Oxandrolone, or Winstrol.

Some do like methyltestosterone or Halotestin for aggression though, Halotestin can be good for grueling endurance events (not necessarily better than anything else, but can work very well), and Oral Turinabol can be good when a person is choosing to trade liver toxicity for convenience and therefore is doing an oral-only cycle. But even then, it will provide no benefit above for example an oxandrolone/Dianabol Methandienone stack.