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Which Steroids Should Be Stacked for Fat Loss

Q: My targets are to lose some fat and add some muscle mass. I know by reading many threads that for the first cycle testosterone is a must so I am going to use it. My question is,with what other steroid or medication can I stack the Test in order to help me lose some fat also?I know tren can assist to achive this goal. Maybe Clen and Cytomel T3 Liothyronine sodium?

A: Diet and exercise are the keys to fat loss, not anabolic steroids or other drugs.

Generally speaking, they only assist and are neither necessary for good results with Fat Loss Raw Powder nor usually are anabolic steroids especially important aids to fat loss.

Exceptions are that I have seen some cases where natural endomorphs — which it doesn’t sound as if you are — easily shed fat with anabolic steroids whereas that had always been very hard for them before, or of course when dieting to extreme leanness they make a big difference. But that wouldn’t appear to be your situation either.

Why not use the oral anabolic steroid to gain muscle mass with minimal fat increase, and then diet off fat during your weeks of not using anabolic steroids. That would be the most efficient method, unless your muscle gain goals are quite modest, in which case it would be efficient to do both at the same time (lose fat while gaining some muscle.)