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What to Do When an Illness Interrupts a Steroid Cycle

As mentioned so many times, ending a cycle early allows the next cycle to start earlier, completely compensating for the change in schedule. It’s not really a loss at all. You could start the next cycle as soon as you’ve completed the same number of weeks “off” that you had been “on,” or if you wish to be more conservative, twice that time. This will be much sooner than would be the case if you’d continued the cycle despite the illness. You won’t be setting yourself back overall.

If your testosterone was good before the cycle and the cycle length has been fairly short, such as 8 weeks or less, in most cases recovery will be good simply from using a SERM as PCT. (The most common choices are Clomid Clomiphene Citrate or Nolvadex.)

However, if and only if you suspect recovery of natural testosterone might be slow, then I’d suggest also using in PCT either HCG or low-dose testosterone, such as 100 mg/week.

This is because we don’t want the immune system adversely affected by testosterone dropping too low.

Intermediate steroid doses – not enough for real gains, yet too much for recovery of the HPTA – are a waste of your time. Either be on-cycle, or in recovery. Whatever muscle loss may occur while ill will be easily recovered on regaining health. Again, ending steroid use earlier will allow restarting earlier, and this will be much more productive than trying to avoid losses while ill.

In short, optimize your usage. And using anabolic steroids while down and unable to train is not optimizing usage.