What is Methylstenbolone,What is Methylstenbolone,methyl stenbolone

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What is Methylstenbolone

While using any prohormone compound you will want to use a cycle support supplement to help protect your liver and organs. Most of these supplements are oral so they are broken down by the liver which can cause some damage if the proper support isn’t used. Methylstenbolone is a pretty harsh compound so going at a cycle without support is just nuts. Since this compound is so hard on the liver cycle lengths should be no longer than 4 weeks. Its a good idea to start your cycle support a week before you start a cycle. This will give the body a little time to get some of the toxins out of your system before adding something else to stress the liver. I also always run my cycle support a week after my cycle has ended just for extra precaution. Most PCT Supplementsdo have some support for the liver but I still like to play it safe. Now depending on what pro you buy you may notice that the supplement has a test boosting compound and or a liver protecting compound such a milk thistle. Even though these products have these supplements blended in don’t take the chance on only relying on those supplements. Most good cycle supports have more than just milk thistle to help protect your liver and organs.

Methylstenbolone is a powerful prohormone that will add serious mass like no other prohormone on the market today. Methyl stenbolone will add dry mass gains and shouldn’t be cycled for longer than 4 weeks.


Side Effects:

Methylstenbolone has some side effects but can be reduced by using the proper support supplements like PCT and liver support.

Here are a few side effects:


Decrease in libido

Increase or lack of hair growth

Sensitive nipples

Joint pain

Back pumps



Cycle 1 – Ideal cycles for new prohormone users.

Week 1: 4-6mg per day

Week 2/4: 12mg per day

What can be expected from methylstenbolone in a typical 4 week cycle?