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What Are the Real Problems Associated with Trenbolone Use?

A key thing to consider with trenbolone is dosage.

Back in 1998 when I wrote the first articles on 2-week cycles for it, the 50 mg/day trenbolone dosage was nearly-unheard-of and was very contrary to the published advice of the time. The books of the era advised using no more than 1 yellow raw powder Parabolan ampule per week, as the steroid was so strong: the amount of trenbolone contained in such an ampule is the same as 50 mg of trenbolone acetate. Among the hardcore who would not be limited by the advice of the day, Finaject was sometimes used at 50 mg two or three times a week. Daily use of such an amount of trenbolone was just not an accepted practice at all in the United States.

However, in Europe daily injection of Parabolan was an accepted practice among the serious and experienced, so this was the trenbolone dosage level I wanted to work with. Hence, 50 mg/day Trenbolone Acetate Revalor.

I say all this because 50 mg/day was perceived then as a very high level, and it actually is a pretty high level of drug. I think trenbolone should be thought of as about 3 times more potent (strength per milligram) than most anabolic steroids; on that basis, 50 mg/day is “like” about 150 mg/day of another steroid. It’s not a low dose. No surprise if it has its own significant side effects.

These days, however, largely from 75 mg/mL and 100 mg/mL concentrations being available, doses have popularly risen to 75 or 100 mg/day. I don’t think people always realize how high such doses really are. Let alone 150 mg/day.

It’s not surprising that some experience adverse side effects from such increased doses.

In terms of side effects the great majority do well with 50 mg/day, a few require dosage to be as little as about 30-35 mg/day, and an even smaller number just really don’t do well with trenbolone at all, principally for the reasons you say, and with night sweats as another potential reason.

And then there are those also who can use 75-100 mg/day or more without real problem.

For behavior, there is exercise of the will. For some this is effective; for others, not very effective. It has to be personally evaluated. For sleep problems, if ordinarily needing no sleep-aiding supplement, then for example a well-formulated product can sometimes be enough to make the difference.

Personally I found real benefit with Mod GRF 1-29. It doesn’t promote falling asleep, but does promote deep-cycle sleep once sleep has begun. However, certainly for years I did without Mod GRF as well. It’s not a necessity but can be a help.