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Weekly Injectable Steroid Dosages for Women

With regard to virilization problems, there’s a lot of individual variation among women. Some can suffer voice change from as little as 5 mg Dianabol Methandienone per day… though on a rule of thumb, that would correspond to 50 mg/day for a man, which we’d all agree is a substantial dose. Voice change has also been known to occur from injection of 50 mg of Muscle powder Deca Nandrolone Decanoate on a single occasion. I’m not saying that’s the lowest that has ever done it, but it’s an example I know of. Increase in facial hair also sometimes increases at quite low doses. In fact, for some women it occurs simply from changes in natural production over time, so they are essentially on the threshold at any given time. Very little might put them over. In some cases even oral DHEA has done so.

That said, doses of 10 mg/week of a Primoteston Depot Testosterone Enanthate Primobolan depot InjectionDeca, or Masteron are generally at about the level you describe. They can give quite noticeable benefit, but in only very few cases will give problems with regard to voice change or increase in facial hair.

Everything has to be taken in light of the individual. I’d suggest starting at half what one might otherwise estimate, and then work up from there, increasing by no more than 25% at a time and evaluating fully before the next increase.