Using Steroids to Prepare for a Drug-Tested Physical Performance Evaluation at Work,anabo​lic steroids,human growth hormone,HCG,testosterone

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Using Steroids to Prepare for a Drug-Tested Physical Performance Evaluation at Work

There are a couple of basic problems in aiding your situation. One is that anabolic steroids are not efficient for improving endurance post-cycle, except where added muscle mass improves endurance by making loads relatively lighter for the muscle.

Another problem is the last thing you’d need psychologically would be feeling relatively low on testosterone during the test after being used to strong support during your training weeks.

On the other hand, anabolic steroid use during your training weeks certainly could improve your recovery and might make the difference between accumulated microtrauma holding you back or you being free or largely free of such problems.

My recommendation would be four or five weeks of testosterone at for example 500 mg/week, followed by only 200 mg/week until 1 week before your test, plus HCG at for example 500 IU 3x/week continuing right up to the test, together with human growth hormone (hGH) throughout at for example 2 IU/day.

This will give you support during your training but with no great falloff, and your testosterone levels should be high though probably not supraphysiological or not greatly so during the performance test. Obviously I can’t promise you won’t fail the drug test as I don’t have the specifics on your test, but your serum testosterone levels will not be extreme and hGH and HCG are unlikely to be tested.

The fact is, however, that for the reasons given, it’s really going to be up to your training, and mostly your training to date, rather than the steroid cycle being able to make a large difference in your situation.