trestolone acetate MENT,high quality MENT,3764-87-2,trestolone acetate,NSC-69948,U-15614

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trestolone acetate MENT
Technical features


trestolone acetate MENT

trestolone acetate
Alias: MENT,NSC-69948;U-15614
CAS NO: 6157-87-5
MF: C21H30O3
MW: 330.465

Purity: 98.5%
Appearance:White crystalline Powder.

MENT, as a transdermal and/or intramuscular preparation, will have application in a wide range of indications beyond androgen replacement therapy and contraception, including, without limitation, primary hypogonadism, testicular failure, ASIH, baldness, sarcopenia, loss of bone mass, muscle wasting and cachexia, BPH, prostate cancer and of course, bodybuilding and sports performance enhancement.

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