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The Use of a Single Anabolic Steroid for “Enhanced” Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

I’ve never heard of anyone but myself who has tried it, and have never written it for anyone, but what you want can be done with boldenone (Equipoise, “EQ.”) Two to three hundred mg/week of a boldenone ester gives a nice HRT level of effect while increasing estrogen rather little. Usually no aromatase inhibitor is needed.

Most possible choices for a single anabolic steroid either aromatize strongly or not at all. By “aromatize strongly,” I mean to an extent where a dose high enough to be very effective anabolically also aromatizes enough to cause abnormally high estrogen levels. Testosterone and Dianabol Methandienon are examples of compounds which aromatize strongly; Primobolan PillsMasterontrenboloneAnavar Oxandrolone, and Anadrol are examples of compounds which do not aromatize at all.

Neither type of compound would be suitable for your situation.

The principal compounds which do aromatize, but only to a quite moderate degree, are Deca Durabolin and boldenone. I don’t at all recommend Muscle powder Deca Nandrolone Decanoate as a sole compound due to likely adverse side effects of depression and erectile dysfunction.

As for my personal trial with low dose boldenone, my only reason for trying it as the sole anabolic steroid used was to see how it worked. It was purely for the sake of knowledge rather than to accomplish a specific goal, but I thought it worked entirely well for a hormone replacement therapy type of use. I’d personally be fine with using it that way if I needed to do HRT.