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The Perfect Testosterone Cycle – Best Choices of Ancillaries and Steroids to Include

Where the weekly dosage of injected testosterone is moderate and the individual is not highly sensitive to estrogen, an anti-aromatase is optional. Many men can use 500 mg/week of testosterone with no personal risk of gyno, or in some cases even 750 mg/week, but some will develop gyno from testosterone doses as low as 250 mg/week. Accordingly, if unsure of one’s tolerance, an anti-aromatase is usually a wise addition, but may be unnecessary particularly where doses are low and where further amounts of non-aromatizing steroids are taken.

Synthetic oral anabolic steroid are often used along with testosterone in a cycle because this enables a higher total weekly dosage of steroids while keeping the dose of testosterone moderate. Aside from conversion to estrogen, testosterone also converts to DHT Dihydrotestosterone, and some may prefer to limit this effect by limiting the amount of testosterone. Another reason could be to enjoy certain effects of other anabolic steroids that may not be experienced as much with a testosterone-only cycle, or in some cases not at all.

For purely anabolic reasons, Masteron or Primobolan are excellent non-aromatizing additions to a testosterone-based cycle. Example additions would be about 500 mg/week of either to a testosterone-based cycle. Except where the amount of testosterone was already so large, for the individual’s situation, to already be obtaining near-maximum effect, such an amount of Primobolan Pills or Masteron will add quite significant anabolic effect while adding little or no noticeable adverse side effects.

Trenbolone can be a good non-aromatizing addition also, but typically will add more of a stimulant effect which for some is positive, and others a negative. It may give superior results for fat-burning as well.

Very nice cycles can be done using testosterone at anywhere from 250-1000 mg/week according to preference, and any one of these additions. Where the testosterone dose is limited to 250 mg/week and one has previous experience of not being particularly susceptible to gyno, typically an anti-aromatase can be omitted with such a cycle.

Nandrolone can be a useful addition for the joints, but I’d suggest limiting use for this purpose to no more than 100 mg/week, and preferably less, as it can be effective at these doses for this purpose, and higher doses are more likely to cause mood depression or impair HPTA recovery.

Lastly we might consider adding Dianabol, as it’s inexpensive, convenient, and effective. Dosage will ordinarily be 25-50 mg/day in divided doses. Because Dianabol aromatizes, an anti-aromatase should definitely be used in a combined testosterone/Dianabol cycle.