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The Most Common Mistakes Seen in Anabolic Steroid Cycles

Proviron is never useful during a cycle. The closest it could be to being useful is for slight anti-estrogenic effect, but there are better ways to do this. I would call Proviron Mesterolone a pure waste of money during a cycle.

It also certainly does not aid PCT and may hinder it. However, it can have some use a prosexual agent during that time, but I’d avoid using it continually.

I’m not a fan of Propecia/Proscar (finasteride) or Avodart (dutasteride) use during a cycle. Some hope that it will reduce progression of male pattern baldness, but a simpler approach is to not use testosterone, as the only positive effect of finasteride is to inhibit potentiation (increase in potency) of testosterone in the scalp by largely blocking conversion to DHT Dihydrotestosterone. Other anabolic steroids generally do not undergo such potentiation. It’s both true that finasteride is useless with them, and that they are no harder on the hair than the testosterone/finasteride combination.

I’m an agnostic on the finasteride and dutasteride horror stories; I don’t know if there really is the risk of long term libido impairment that some claim, but I also don’t know that it could not be true. But in any case, I don’t find a reason to recommend finasteride or dutasteroid use in steroid cycles.

I recommend against all but low dose Deca use, because other anabolic steroids will give as good or better anabolic results without the mood-depressive and recovery-impairing effects which so often result from such use of Deca. Where joint benefit from Deca use exists – this is not the case for all steroid users by any means – the benefit can be fully obtained from amounts such as 75-100 mg/week.

There really isn’t a point to adding any of the prohormone/prosteroid products to an anabolic steroid cycle: just use appropriate amounts of the oral anabolic steroid.

The same is true for SARMs.

An anti-prolactin (cabergoline, bromocriptine) is rarely if ever necessary during an anabolic steroid cycle if estradiol is kept under control with an anti-aromatase. In no personal consultation did I ever find a reason to include one, and never did a reason come up why I even possibly should have done so. Their inclusion is generally a waste, at least if estrogen is properly controlled.

Another example of a practice which is at best wasteful is combining a SERM with an antiaromatase.