Should I Take Dianabol in a Single Daily Dose or in Divided Doses,Dianabol Methandienone,natural testosterone,steroids

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Should I Take Dianabol in a Single Daily Dose or in Divided Doses

recently purchased a bottle of Dianabol and have enough for a 6-week cycle of 25 mg per day. Should I be taking all 25 mgs at the same time or should I split my dosage and or should I be increasing my dosage. Im a 30 year old male who has been consistently working out for the last 6 years.

A: It depends on what you want to do.

To minimize inhibition and keep testosterone production maximal taking it all at once in the morning would give the best result. This essentially is similar to being off steroids entirely.

Problem is, the results aren’t anything great either. Dividing the dose will give more results, but at the cost of more inhibition of testosterone production.

Over the longer term, the divided dose may give less results, because 25 mg/day Dianabol alone is not a great deal of steroid, and losing most of the natural testosterone production, if that took place, would take away a fair part of what the Dianabol Methandienone was adding.

I think the most efficient plan is, if you’re going to inhibit natural testosterone, then use a really effective dose and get a lot of gains while inhibited. Or, use quite a low dose and avoid inhibition. The middle ground, where you have inhibition but not much gains, is undesirable.