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Personal Favorite Steroid Cycle

If I had an immediate goal of best physique improvement while using what I feel best on, that would still be my choice. Not that other things actually won’t work as well: best effect absolutely can also be achieved in other ways.

While I always kept health in mind and didn’t at any time do ridiculous things, now at 51 my view is a little different than when in my 30s. I expect that, as my natural bodyweight in lean condition without weight training would be only about 147 lb, in my case it could be too much load on the body to try to permanently maintain as much lean weight as I aimed for in the past. I’m thinking of perhaps being a pound lighter per year, so for example as a 70 year old, there would be no need to be more than say 170 lean, or even actually a muscular 160 could be fine then. Also, though at my present weight of 190 I can’t lift as much (obviously) as before, let alone when 225 and not that fat, overall I’m more athletic when lighter. For example, for example now it’s more important to me to be able to paddle out to the break in difficult conditions when surfing than to have the very highest numbers possible for me in lifting.

So I’m keeping it simple and light now, most of the time. My personal favorite now is simply Masteron Dromostanolone Propionate and HCG. Very “clean,” very nice.

However, when wanting more effect as occasionally I will, it’s necessary to add something to that, typically testosterone or Dianabol Methandienone.

I do still occasionally include Trenbolone Acetate Revalor also, simply because I like to.