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methyl stenbolone
Technical features


methyl stenbolone

methyl stenbolone
CAS NO: 1242-56-4
MF: C22H32O3
MW: 344.492

Purity: 98.5%
Appearance:White crystalline Powder.

Storage Condition: Refrigerator

Methylstenbolone is a pretty harsh compound so going at a cycle without support is just nuts.
Methylstenbolone is a powerful prohormone that will add serious mass like no other prohormone on the market today. Methylstenbolone will add dry mass gains and shouldn’t be cycled for longer than 4 weeks.

Side Effects:

Methylstenbolone has some side effects but can be reduced by using the proper support supplements like PCT and liver support.

Cycle 1 – Ideal cycles for new prohormone users.
Week 1: 4-6mg per day
Week 2/4: 12mg per day

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