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How to Use Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Fat Loss

As might be expected, the higher the weekly dose the greater the benefit on fat loss.

There’s a wide range of theories on timing of doses. I’m not persuaded by any of them and have seen good results from any of a wide range of methods. My inclination is that best results are from at least 1x/day per use, rather than for example taking 4 IU every two days. However, difference in fat loss results from individuals, or differences in the same individual at different times, are large enough and the difference between protocols seems small enough that I won’t insist that the at-least-daily use is better for Fat Loss Raw Powder. It does seem so to me, however.

I don’t think there’s importance in HGH timing with regard to meals. Morning may be better than evening or later in the day due to possibly providing less suppression of natural HGH production; at any rate results seem a little better this way. If wishing to time the injection after a workout, this also is a well-proven method.

If wishing to be in best condition by a particular date, it usually proves acceptable to increase dosage by 50% in the two weeks before that date. While that dosage may be above the acceptable long-term dosage, the time period is short enough that neuropathy usually doesn’t develop, and if it does it will prove reversible, again due to the short time period.