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How to Achieve Excellent Results with a Steroid Cycle Without the Use of Testosterone

It’s entirely possible to get excellent results with anabolic steroid cycles which use no testosterone at all: in fact, results can be every bit as good without testosterone as with.

That is, provided that the cycle is constructed in a correct way. While there really is no way to get bad anabolic results from a cycle which includes large amounts of testosterone, with incorrect combination of synthetics it’s entirely possible to get rather lacking results even from large doses.

The reason for this is that there isn’t just one way that anabolic steroids work. If that were the case, then combinations would not matter. But as things actually are, individual synthetics generally do not “cover all the bases” and we must combine them to get best results.

As a simplified practical approach without getting into pharmacology, combining synthetic anabolic steroids is somewhat like ordering at some Chinese restaurants. Combine from Column A and Column B; don’t order from just one or the other.

In what I’ve called Class 1 anabolic steroids, as the most popular choices we have Primobolan PillsMasteron Dromostanolone PropionateTrenbolone AcetateMuscle powder DecaEquipose Boldenone undecanoate, and oxandrolone. And in what I’ve called Class 2 anabolic steroids, as popular choices we have DianabolAnadrol, and Winstrol.

If testosterone is being used in substantial doses in a cycle, then we can add either a Class 1, a Class 2, or both, and get good results. Exactly how we should do it will depend on the amount of testosterone and the goals, but there’s considerable flexibility. However, without testosterone we really should order from both columns.

The choice of Class 1 compound will depend on availability and concerns/preferences regarding side effects. One person might prefer Masteron for having rather minimal side effects; another might prefer trenbolone for the “feel” and enhanced lifting performance from CNS activation. Still another might prefer a blend of two or more of these injectables.

Dianabol is the more popular Class II choice, but Anadrol can work very well as an alternate.

It’s important to note that Dianabol aromatizes, while Anadrol does not. This aromatization can actually be an advantage where the injectable steroid is non-aromatizing, as we don’t want estrogen levels to drop too low, as will occur with a totally non-aromatizing steroid stack. However, Dianabol usage can sometimes require the use of an anti-aromatase.

As to whether you will have less or no acne when going to such a cycle, this is the case in some instances, but not others. It’s worth a try.