How Safe is a Testosterone Plus Deca Durabolin Stack,Muscle powder Deca Nandrolone Decanoate

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How Safe is a Testosterone Plus Deca Durabolin Stack

Question: Would a 10-week steroid cycle of 600 mg of Primoteston Depot Testosterone Enanthate and 200mgs of Muscle powder Deca Nandrolone Decanoate weekly be relatively safe with regard to blood lipids? These two studies suggest to me that it would be safe: testosterone study and nandrolone decanoate study.

Answer: Not based on those studies, but practical experience, cycling on and off of a protocol such as that can be safe and ordinarily is.

An example of where it could be a health risk would be in a person who is driven into very high blood pressure with it. Or if it were observed that blood lipid profile was just awful while on-cycle, then it would be advisable to use such a protocol only rather few weeks per year. Being “on” for example half the time if personally having a large adverse effect on blood lipid profile might well add to health risk. It probably would, I would think, just as an opinion.

The studies you mentioned don’t look at that combination. The testosterone study found little change in blood lipid profile; in the nandrolone study, they didn’t bother measuring LDL and HDL separately for some reason, so not much can be said there on outcome.

It isn’t unusual in practice thought for blood lipid profile to be worse during a steroid cycle.

10 weeks is certainly long enough for a cycle to be effective.

Comparisons should be as equal as possible. Rather than saying “Well a 14 week cycle will obviously do more than a 7 week cycle,” which is kind of brain-dead, a better comparison is “I’m thinking of being ‘on’ half the weeks of the year and using this particular total amount of drugs per year. Which is going to do better for me: two 14 week cycles per year, or four 7 week cycles?”

The answer is the latter.

This is not to say that something such as a 12 week cycle never makes sense. For example, if there’s a specific date to be met such as a contest, it makes sense to use the longer cycle timed to peak at that date.

How long would pct be run after such a cycle?

There’s never a need to run it past the point where good testosterone production is restored. Depending on the individual and the cycle, this is typically but not always 2-4 weeks, assuming the PCT is started at the point where levels from injectables have fallen sufficiently to allow recovery to begin.

Is tapering of the steroids up and down a good idea or not? Not for bodybuilding purposes.

It is more efficient to be at the most-desired level for gains versus side effects or cost considerations, or at a level allowing natural LH production, rather than spending needless time at intermediate levels that aren’t much if any good for either gains or recovery.