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How Does Ephedrine Promote Fat Loss?

How Does Ephedrine Relate To Ephedra And Ephedra Alkaloids?

Ephedra is a genus of plants which includes numerous species. Some, such as E. sinica, E. equisetina, and E. intermedia contain ephedra alkaloids in amounts sufficient to be useful for Fat Loss Raw Powder, and are collectively called Ma Huang. Others do not.

Ephedra alkaloids are a group of compounds which includes not only ephedrine but several other compounds such as norephedrine and methylephedrine. Legitimate ephedra extracts of the past contained multiple such alkaloids in varying ratios. Of these, ephedrine is the most important for fat loss, but is not the only active compound.

While pure ephedrine can be isolated from ephedra alkaloids, synthetic ephedrine is more economical and is by far the predominant type. Generally pure ephedrine is provided as ephedrine HCl or ephedrine sulfate, with no important difference existing between these.

Ephedra extracts on the market today may indeed be from the Ephedra genus, but to satisfy the law lack ephedrine or any ephedra alkaloid. Extracts which claim to be from E. nevadensis or E. viridis or make no species claim at all are invariably worthless.

As ephedrine-containing herbal extracts are now difficult to impossible to obtain, the practical way to use ephedrine is in tablet or liquid form, preferably without guaifenesin.

How Does Ephedrine Promote Fat Loss Raw Powder?

Rather than working directly itself at fat cells, ephedrine acts as a sympathomimetic to activate their beta adrenergic receptors, thus stimulating lipolysis and metabolic rate and reducing appetite. All these work together to improve fat loss.

As a sympathomimetic, it is a drug which causes nerves of the sympathetic nervous system to act as if they were stimulated. It does this by displacing norepinephrine from their nerve endings. Whatever level of activity the nerve already had in releasing norepinephrine, even more is released due to this displacement. The norepinephrine in turns acts at the beta receptors of cells.

Ephedrine also slows the reuptake and the breakdown of norepinephrine, thus increasing activity of norepinephrine even further.

All this is effective in stimulating beta receptors, though it’s not as effective as stimulating them directly, as Albuterol Salbutamol and clenbuterol do.

Dosing Of Ephedrine

In a Fat Loss Raw Powder cycle, ephedrine is best dosed at 25 or 30 mg three times per day. Because ephedrine use often interferes with sleep, the last dose will usually be at least 5 hours before retiring. Some will wish to have their final dose even earlier than this.

Optionally, though with proportionally less effect, ephedrine may be taken only once or twice per day. Even the morning-only dosing provides significant maintenance benefit.

The above dosing, as well as being proven in bodybuilding for many years, also correlates with clinical usage. As a drug for treating asthma, ephedrine was typically provided at 15-30 mg three times per day.

Higher dosing of course has been tried, but increases side effects and risks with little if any increase in benefit compared to the above dosing.

For effective fat loss, ephedrine is very preferably combined with caffeine. A common method is take 200 mg caffeine three times per day at about the same times as ephedrine is taken, but for example 300 mg on arising and 300 mg a few hours later works equally well.