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How Do I Hide My Steroid Use From My Co-Workers

What has worked for many in your situation is to do a body recomposition program. Usually a more experienced lifter is best served by either aiming to gain muscle as effectively as possible, in which case some slow fat gain along with it can optimize results; or to lose fat rapidly while maintaining as much strength and muscle as possible. Generally he should do one or the other, or alternate between them.

In the body recomposition program, the goal is to gain muscle and lose fat while either losing scale weight or at least not increasing it.

The maintenance of similar weight or even slow loss of weight can leave it as being very credible to people that what is happening is simply hard work in the gym without steroids even coming to mind.

It really doesn’t take any unusual steroid program to do this: rather it’s a question of adjusting the diet to stay on track. For more effective Fat Loss Raw Powder it would be best to avoid increasing estrogen levels, but other than that there really are no unique fat-loss steroids.

One can also moderate the effect if desired simply by using a rather low dose of steroids. I experimented a while back with a mere 105 mg/week (15 mg/day) of Masteron combined with HCG (200 IU/day) and Femara Letrozole (0.36 mg/day, but individual needs may vary.) As modest as this sounds, it actually was a surprisingly substantial edge over being natural.

The reason for the Masteron dose being so low was that I was doing this as a bridging sort of protocol — not intended actually to be a cycle in its own right, but to provide an edge between cycles without itself being much suppressive. A higher Masteron Dromostanolone Propionate dose would certainly be entirely acceptable for your purposes, as would any reasonable steroid cycle assuming, again, that estrogen is controlled.