Best Way to Use Oral Anabolic Steroids Within an Eight-Week Steroid Cycle,Dianabol Methandienone,Anavar Oxandrolone,testosterone injections

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Best Way to Use Oral Anabolic Steroids Within an Eight-Week Steroid Cycle

Because you’re doing a bulking cycle and you’ll need more help for gains in the later weeks than in the earlier weeks, I’d schedule the orals for the last 6 weeks.

I’d start the first two weeks with only testosterone, plus an anti-aromatase for estrogen control.

A convenient ongoing dosing would be 200 mg intramuscularly via an insulin needle five days per week. The two off days would be 3 or 4 days apart. In one example, the off days could be Tuesday and Saturday.

If you prefer less frequent though larger injections, then I’d do 500 mg twice per week.

In either case, I’d frontload the first day’s injection to be 700 mg larger than your ongoing injections. So for example if your ongoing injections are 200 mg at a time, your first injection would be 900 mg.

The reason is that during a cycle, ordinarily your body will have not only what was just injected, but also an amount remaining from previous injections. On the first injection, you have nothing from previous injections. Frontloading gets the correct amount into your body on the first injection.

At the start of week 3, I’d add the Dianabol Methandienone at 50 mg/day, and reduce the testosterone to 800 mg/week. The combination of the two is considerably stronger than 1000 mg/week testosterone; you can be confident in making this small reduction in testosterone dosage.

The only potential reason for not reducing the testosterone dosage at this point would be if at this time point you really aren’t satisfied with results at the higher dose. If you’ve done several cycles before at gram-plus per week doses, this could occur. If so, you could maintain the 1000 mg/week testosterone dosage while adding the Dianabol.

I’d end the testosterone injections in the middle of week 7. This is so by the start of week 9 or soon after, levels will be low enough to allow recovery to begin.

I’d strengthen week 8 with Anavar Oxandrolone to compensate for falling levels of injected testosterone. I’d either use 50 mg/day oxandrolone throughout week 8, or start at 50 mg/day and go to about 75 mg/day in the final 3 or 4 days of the cycle. Which way to go would depend on how much oxandrolone you have, and personal preference. Your final outcome would be almost identical either way.

This cycle will remain effective throughout the entire 8 weeks, and then transition quickly to levels of exogenous androgen low enough to allow a fast recovery. This will be a very effective bulking cycle for anyone who has not already reached a plateau at this level of steroid usage.