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Are Any Esoteric Steroid Esters Better Than Traditional Options

Q: “I’ve seen many unusual steroid esters being offered by sellers of raw powder. Is there a reason why I’d want to use any of them instead of the old standbys?”

A) For the most part no, as the choice of ester has no effect on the action of the steroid but only on the duration and onset of action.

For most steroids, good choices have traditionally been available, so I don’t see any particular value to new esters.

However, it’s always been a shame that Boldenone Cypionate powder was available only in a very long-acting form, as this makes it impossible to achieve a clean and rapid transition from being “on cycle” to achieving full recovery. Instead there’s a very long period of being neither hot nor cold: having levels not high enough to be effective for further gains, but not low enough to be effective for recovery.

So boldenone Cypionate seems like a good idea.

And in the other direction, a longer acting form of dromostanolone Enanthate(Masteron) such as the enanthate ester seems to be a useful idea and a good thing.